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What are you risking by launching ICO? 4 types of risks (and how to eliminate them)

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We discover new paths to your business growth: concept development and testing, customer acquisition strategy, innovative fundraising solutions.
We help you to reach out to your prospects on the web and guide them from the first click right through to being a raving fan customer!
How we do it: Idea -> Test -> Measure -> Improve
  • We are developing the design of the client's way

  • We provide traffic flow

  • We carry out the packaging of the product (site, video, presentation, articles, social networks, etc.)

  • Set up lidogeneratsiyu-receiving an application

  • We build automated sales cycles: autorvonks in messengers, e-mail marketing

  • We build an automated sales department with the introduction of all the necessary tools: crm, telephony, messengers, sales scripts, kpi, motivation system, recruiting system, training and introduction of managers

  • We implement end-to-end analytics

  • Token sale marketing

    Your token sale marketing pakage. Development of all marketing collaterals from the website to the video presentation. Ultimate campaign to promote your project and attract contributors.

  • Legal support

    Legal support of token sale campaigns around the world, including the USA. The effectiveness and safety of your campaign is directly dependent on legal development.

  • ICO consulting

    There is a problem to solve in your business niche or industry? Blockchain might be the solution? But how exactly it could be integrated, what's the most effective implementation? What token structure would be optimal?

  • Digital Marketing

  • Automation

  • Consulting


  • Egor

    Business development & marketing expert

    An entrepreneur with more the 15 years of experience in creating and developing online projects. Specializes on business development and marketing. Successfully delivered 8 business projects.

  • Olesya

    Мarketing and content specialist

    Sales funnels design, content marketing strategies. More than 15 years of experience in online marketing.

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