Token sale marketing package

Digital Expert agency reserves the right to check new customers. If we do not like your project, we will refund the payment without explaining the reasons.

Reserve for $12000

* In addition to the price of the service, you also pay the same amount in your project tokens at the first presale rate with the early investor bonuses.

Term: 9 weeks

* The term may vary depending on the agency's work load and your decision-making cycle

Marketing of the ICO project in all areas. Development of all packaging items from the website to the video presentation. Campaign to promote your project and attract contributors.

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The quality of marketing collaterals is crucially important

A huge number of ICO projects are launched at the market. The resource of your tagger audience’s attention is limited. In order to stand out among them, you need a clear identification and communication of the project idea.

Also, the crypto-contributor is a person who has a certain way of thinking. Therefore, for the project to succeed, the values ​​and ideas of the project must be communicated in the language of the crypto community.

The hype era is about to over, and projects with a carefully developed and well-thought long-term return on investment strategy are taking the leading positions in raising funds.

What you will get:

  • ICO website, up to 4 sections (team, product, details of the crowdsale, ICO)
  • Branding of 4 profiles in social networks and their linking to the site
  • Email-tunnel for accumulating contacts of contributors
  • Mind-map of your project as a starting point for all communications: SMM, PR.
  • ICO website texts in Russian and English
  • Adaptive design and layout
  • The header and hashtags for social networks
  • Domain of ICO website (if you still do not have it)
  • Hosting (includes backup, go/no go testing)
  • Connecting the DDOS Protection Service
  • Accelerating the website to ensure rapid launch around the world (saving up to 30% conversion)
  • Connecting to analytics services
  • SEO optimization

* The package does not include the original graphics and diagrams.

What we need from you:

  • Your logo on a transparent background
  • The images you want to use
  • 4 hours of your time to answer our questions

Check out our client's case:

How the well-developed concept helped our client to raise $2.67 million with minimal marketing costs

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