One page marketing plan for ICO campaign

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* In addition to the price of the service, you also pay the same amount in your project tokens at the first presale rate with the early investor bonuses.

Term: 1 week

* The term may vary depending on the agency's work load and your decision-making cycle

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A clear plan to launch the ICO campaign

We’ll tell you a secret most marketing agencies are unlikely to discover:
Marketing is easy! You just need to say the right things to the right people — that’s all!
The purpose of this service is to provide you with a clear plan on how to do it. Nothing slows down the process as much as lack of clarity. And you will never find clarity in 345-pages plan.

That’s why our 1 page plan for the ICO marketing campaign works so well:

  • you can read and understand it within 15-20 minutes
  • it concentrates the thought and attention within 1 page with 100% effectiveness – you know exactly what to do
  • you can print it and hang it over your desk
  • you will not find no-nonsense there, only the concentrated benefit

Don’t think that this is just an old sheet of paper. We’ve spent years perfecting this process and we assure you — you will get the greatest possible value.

The essence is not in length, but in the content of this page. You will not be disappointed!

What you will get:

  • Branding proposal
  • The story you need to tell (the legend)
  • Slogan
  • Unique trading offer
  • Primary user image of your client
  • Promotion strategy
  • Content proposal
  • Promotion channels
  • Campaign budget

What we need from you:

  • 45 minutes of your time to answer our questions
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