White Paper writing

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Reserve for $5000

* In addition to the price of the service, you also pay the same amount in your project tokens at the first presale rate with the early investor bonuses.

Term: 2 weeks

* The term may vary depending on the agency's work load and your decision-making cycle

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White Paper editing

Work on the development of White Paper is the work of many specialists, it is a teamwork. Nevertheless, the final document should have a clear and organized structure, a inified style of writing.

In back days of the ICO projects, project teams developed short and carelessly designed documents for presentation. Nowadays the situation has changed, White Paper is more like a presentation for the classical investment market. Beautiful design, a clear structure, a single style – this is your competitive advantage in launching the ICO campaign.

This service includes:

* Writing a powerful 1-page summary of the document

* Full editorial review of your document (maximum 30 pages)

* Unifying the style

* Correcting grammar mistakes

* Executing in a professional template

* Up to 5 stock photos

* Up to 3 versions

* Publishing to PDF

The package does not include graphics and diagrams.

What you will get:

  • Full editing of White Paper and its publication in PDF format
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